Clearance of Motor Vehicles

Currently, Botswana does not impose any restriction on importation or exportation of motor vehicles.

 Motor vehicles imported on a temporary basis into Botswana should be imported under cover of a Temporary Import Permit issued by BURS at time of importation or an ATA Carnet. Such motor vehicles may remain in Botswana for a period not exceeding 14 days after which period customs duties and/or VAT on the motor vehicle becomes due and payable. All foreign registered vehicles entering Botswana are required to pay a National Road Safety Fund levy amounting to P40.00, which expires at the end of December of each year, and a Road Transport Permit levy charged on the basis of the leden load of a vehicle (truck) and charged for every entry into Botswana.

 Motor vehicles that enter Botswana for home consumption are liable for payment of customs duties and/or VAT and therefore should be cleared for Customs purpose within 14 days from the date of entry into Botswana. The appropriate documents to submit to BURS for this purpose are: Customs Declaration Form SAD 500, Police Clearance Certificate from both the export country and Botswana Police Service, Customs Clearance documents from export country and invoice or valuation certificate from a local vehicle retail store/garage.

 Customs clearance of a motor vehicle should be undertaken even if there is no intention to register it in Botswana or the vehicle is still owned by a Bank or any other third party.