Design & Monitoring

Category: Divisions

The mandate of the Design & Monitoring office is to design and monitor the implementation of legislation under the purview of the Commissioner, Domestic Taxes, including the consideration of the implications of existing and proposed amendments to the revenue laws. The office also reviews and provides policy advice and recommendations to internal and external stakeholders.

In order to fulfil its mandate, the office undertakes the following:

  1. Explores and makes proposals and recommendations to relevant stakeholders for growing the tax base.
  2. Costs tax expenditures created by exemptions and incentives in the revenue lawswith a view to making recommendations on their design and advising on their impact.
  3. Provides policy guidance to internal and external stakeholders
  4. In liaison with the Research and Reporting unit, advises on revenue trends including tax gaps on a macro and sectoral level.
  5. Keeps the revenue service informed and updated on developments in Government and the budgetary processes and examines legislative initiatives to provide detailed reports on how these will affect revenue collection.
  6. Advises on the impact of proposed legislative changes on the management of the revenue laws and collection of revenue
  7. Designs process flows for implementation on the proposed legislative changes in consultation with the Operations Division.
  8. Design & Monitoring is the custodian of forms and maintains version control of all forms used in the revenue service.
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