Legislative Review

Category: Divisions

The Legislative Review office is responsible for the drafting of legislative instruments and review of existing legislation to propose tax amendments on the following Acts:

  • Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Capital Transfer Tax
  • Transfer Duty
  • Tax Administration

Why do we conduct reviews and amendments?

  1. To address any ambiguity in the law.
  2. To close any gaps or loopholes identified in the legislation and to reduce revenue leakages.
  3. To introduce new developments in tax, i.e. new areas of taxation.
  4. To consider the relevance and effectiveness of tax laws.
  5. Simplify and modernise tax laws.

Below are some of the considerations on how reviews and amendments are done?

  1. Policy direction from the Ministry of Finance.
  2. Suggestions or proposals from stakeholders, civil society and the public.
  3. Proposals and recommendations from internal stakeholders on identified gaps on implementation.
  4. Compliance to international obligations.
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