Botswana-Zimbabwe Trade Agreement

In terms of the Botswana/Zimbabwe Trade Agreement, goods originating from either of the trading partners are exempted from payment of customs duties on condition that the goods meet a minimum 25% local content. Excise duty and local taxes, such as VAT, are due and payable where applicable.

Traders (manufactures or their agents and wholesalers) who wish export to Zimbabwe under this Trade Agreement are required to register with BURS - Customs and Excise Division (Regional Office). Prior to registration, BURS will visit the prospective registrant’s establishment to ascertain if all requirements for registration have been met. If the local content of the goods meets the minimum 25% required, the company will be registered to export to Zimbabwe and given a registration number. Companies dealing in wholly originating products qualify for automatic registration without going through the process of determining local content.

According to Annexure to the Botswana/Zimbabwe Trade Agreement, where goods are manufactured using materials from either of the two trading partners, the manufacturing process must change the nature of the goods involved. What is also taken into account is that the last process of manufacturing should take place in Botswana. The prospective registrant will then be requested to submit costing data for the purposes of calculating the local content of the goods under trade.

Prior to exportation, traders are required to register with BURS (Customs & Excise Division – Regional Office) and obtain a Certificate of Origin (Form 61) for every consignment. Registration Requirements.