Other Developed Countries

Goods originating from Botswana can enjoy some preferential treatment when exported to developed countries under the General System of Preference (GSP) scheme. Goods that qualify under this scheme are those that have been wholly obtained or produced in Botswana. These are minerals extracted in Botswana, animals born and raised in Botswana as well as plants grown in Botswana. In addition, products of the foregoing are treated as wholly originating products. Goods produced from non-originating materials will only qualify if the materials are subjected to a sufficient manufacturing process that will change their tariff heading.

Since every importing country may have its own tailor-made preferential scheme, it is beneficial for a trader to check prevailing requirements of the product s/he intends exporting. This can be done at BURS (Customs & Excise Division –Classification, Valuation & Origin Section).

Prior to exportation, traders are required to register with BURS (Customs & Excise Division – Regional Office) and obtain a GSP Certificate of Origin, Form A, for every consignment. Registration Requirements.